Saturday, September 10, 2011

Leftover Funnies Before I Shut Up

OK, so I've got to stop blogging, as I'll explain in the next and final post. But before I go, allow me to empty my files of odd, interesting and weird stuff. Like, for instance, I don't recall if I ever posted this photo anywhere but on Twitter, but if that's not Vegas, I don't know what is:

I think I took this screenshot because I wondered how the Monte Carlo and New York-New York was so unlucky as to be the skyline image of The Strip for, of all things, the web banner for the police:

I think Hanging With Friends might be right about this being a proper noun...

...and I know my iPhone's predictive text is right about Matt Goss:

Gosh, this from our HOA's monthly circular is great news!!!

click to enlarge

I have no idea how this gibberish came to be, but I do think that Caesars Entertanment ought to consider, in rebranding Imperial Palace, calling it Impiety City instead:

click to enlarge
I didn't know airports have slogans, for what it's worth:

 Juvenile, I know, but it was a porn convention:

Am I the only one a little thrown by the fact that Flickr used what appears to be this guy's Manhunt pic to promote their service?

Meanwhile, the crack, uh, staff at Caesars Entertainment has a squatting problem because THIS is CaesarsEntertainment.Com:

Yikes, right?

And, finally, Miles wants me to have this enlarged and hung over my desk to deflate my ego whenever necessary:

I put The Olds to sleep.