Friday, September 9, 2011

The Show is UP: The Finale

We're having some sort of problem with iTunes and our final -- and several recent special -- episodes of "The Strip" have not been making it into the RSS feed. We're working on fixing that right now, but all of the recent episodes since the iTunes snafu began are listed with links to your right on this blog. I hope to have TheStripPodcast.Com fixed and updated as soon as possible. FYI, We urge you NOT to unsubscribe from our RSS feed because you just never know when a random special might surface there. I still have some good stuff sitting around waiting for my time to edit and post. It could be a while, but it will happen.

Anyhow, here's the show you and we have been simultaneously waiting for and dreading. Enjoy, and listen all the way to the end.

Sept. 7: The Finale
Special Reissue: The First Episode from 9/1/05

After six years, this is the final regular episode of "The Strip." The show, which debuted on Sept. 1, 2005, was co-hosted by journalists and life partners Miles Smith and Steve Friess. In this emotional episode, we recount the top 10 moments of the show as voted on by listeners, talk about the changes in their lives and play some classic old clips including a never-before-published 6-minute rehearsal in which they discuss what they show should be about and how they'll go about doing it.

The top clips include great moments from Whoopi Goldberg, Tony Curtis, Jim Murren, George Wallace, Johnny Mathis, Sheldon Adelson and, of course, Steve Wynn.

Links to the original episodes that spawned the Top 10 moments list:

10. Whoopi

9. Johnny Mathis

8. George Wallace

7. Jim Murren

6. Steve Wynn touring Encore

5. Tony Curtis

4. Sheldon Adelson Slamming Steve Wynn

3. Steve Wynn touring The Wynn

2. Miles doing Neil Sedaka (various shows)

1a. Steve Wynn Slamming Adelson in Macau

1b. Steve Wynn calls Adelson "delusional"

Links to stuff discussed:

Steve's LVW column updating old columns
Steve's four blog-and-Flickr shows for The Road Trip: 1 2 3 4
Flooding closed the St. Joseph, Mo., casino
The Knight-Wallace Fellowship that Steve is now on
Jersey Boys moving to Paris
Hunter Hillegas on KNPR on the Plaza
The Luxor is sinking?
Bradley Ogden out, Gordon Ramsay in at Caesars Palace