Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I just confirmed with a source deep within the Caesars-Colosseum empire that tomorrow it will be announced that Bette Midler will headline in Celine's theater after she departs at year's end.

This is a brilliant, brilliant move. She's a huge draw, a terrific entertainer and no doubt will earn many, many millions. Steve Wynn had told me two years ago he was in negotiations for her to come into a yet-unbuilt venue at Wynn Las Vegas but that never materialized.

There are only a few artists alive who can consistently sell out a venue as ginormous as that one.

Congrats to Caesars. I can't wait to interview the woman whose albums lifted me out of more than one miserable epoch of my life.

Bette will be on hand Thursday for a press event and starts rehearsals this fall. We will bring you the raw audio from that event tomorrow.

UPDATE: Some other journalists are grumbling because they were told this news but are under an embargo. I would have observed that embargo had I been invited to be in on it, but I was not and so here you are with this exclusive. That said, Robin Leach tells me he has a Bette interview going up tomorrow at 6 a.m. PT on his current blog site. (It's moved around a little.) Go check it out when it's available.


Amy said...

I'm not a Celine fan, but I would pay good money to see Bette! Great news!!!!

Bay in TN said...

Get out! Bette Midler? Oh, I am *so* willing to impoverish myself for one of those tickets. Never Celine, but Bette? Oh, yeah, you bet!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! can't wait to hear your interview with Bette, and I'd love to see that show. And Bay, how did you get that photo to appear in your post?


Well, I will get to interview her, but it's likely not going to happen for several months. Can't wait, tho.