Monday, June 30, 2008

Breaking: Criss Angel Show Delayed

The much-anticipated Cirque du Soleil-Criss Angel "Believe" production at Luxor won't open as scheduled for its previews on Sept. 1. Cirque spies say "technical difficulties" have delayed the $100 million show for which a wrap started going up on the side of the resort over the weekend. A reservationist put it more bluntly: "They say they've been having some problems."

The show was supposed to open Sept. 1 for 15 previews through Sept. 11 followed by a grand opening gala on Sept. 12. Now if you try to book that, here's what you see:

Instead, the gala opening has been pushed back to October and the show gets a "soft" opening on Sept. 12. Which means someone at CirqueduSoleil.Com needs to rewind this clock on their site:

But look on the bright side: This gives Criss another month to make up with Norm Clarke, huh?


Anonymous said...

7 comments on this blog about the blue tape removal and 0 so far about Criss Angel delay. Clearly readers here have their priorities in the right order.

Anonymous said...

Myself and daughter had two tickets to see the very first Believe show and that one was cancelled then the Luxor management called to ask if we could rebook in crappier seat for $50 more each ???? I called the manager and he arranged to keep us in the same seat we had before, now another big set back????? Give me my money back and Screw Criss Angel and the Cirque Company very, very un- professional.I know things go wrong sometimes BUT don t pospone a show twice??? I ll give my money to some other well known magical act Thanks for reading Eh !!! Pissed off Canadian

Anonymous said...

I also had 4 seats to the first shows on Sept. 1 and 2 - and got bumped - not to mention having to pay extra $$$ to change my hotel and plane.... I don't care WHAT the reasons are for the delay - very unprofessionally run.

Criss, you need to STEP UP and for those ticketholders who had tickets for Sept. 1 thru Sept. 11, schedule a MEET & GREET on one of your days off (with enough notice on your website so we can get there) - ITS THE LEAST YOU COULD DO FOR ALL THE INCONVENIENCES AND EXTRA $$$$ THAT THIS COST US (proof would be that we'd bring our RECEIPTS for shows we bought on Sept. 1 thru 11), so this M&G would ONLY APPLY to those who got SCREWED!

Troy in Las Vegas said...

Oh my! It seems some of the Criss Angel fans are potty mouths and poor spellers.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see the advertisements for "Believe" I get excited to see the show at the Luxor. Criss is so amazing!!!

Chus said...

This is what I think: