Monday, September 12, 2011

This Blog Is On Hiatus

Part of the stipulation of my fellowship is a requirement that I stop working and focus on my academics, my long-term projects and my life among the other fellows. I know others don't understand that, but there really is no way to be truly in this extraordinary experience and keep one hand in my "normal" life. That's why the podcast has ended, and that's why this blog must cease to be updated.

I have no doubt I'll return to blogging, either here or in another form, after this is over. Trust me, you'll know what that time comes. Or check back here around May 2012.

In the meantime, we conclude with this Flickr slideshow below. It shows our new home in Ann Arbor followed by some images of the quaint houses in the handsome neighborhoods behind us as well as images from the first Michigan football game we attended and shots of campus life. This slideshow was created before Aces died, but I've opted not to edit it because she will always be a part of our first weeks here. The only change I've made is to remove the photo of the street where she died. I couldn't handle that, I'm sorry.

See you sometime next year.


Thomas said...

Thanks for sharing all that, Steve. Have a good year !

Anonymous said...

We'll be ready and waiting for you. We'll also probably be staying here:

John and Ann said...

Steve and Miles,

Given all that you have both given up to make this fellowship a reality, the decision to focus on your fellowship and set aside other projects (including sadly Vegas Happens Here) makes complete sense. Wring everything from the experience that you can! We will be waiting patiently (okay more accurately anxiously) for its return!

bail bonds las vegas said...

Looking forward to a timely return!