Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An Important Tweak in Wynn Scalping Policy

Back when I first got on the soapbox about the potential disaster that is the Wynn-Garth Brooks anti-scalper crusade, I wrote this:

I thought of a partial solution, but these rules don't allow for it: Wynn should accept refunds less, say, 10 percent. They know they can resell them, so at least that solves the problem of what people can do if their circumstances change at the last minute, if they get sick or snowed out or whatever.

Well, today I learned from Wynn spokeswoman Jennifer Dunne that, in fact, they have directed all their ticket agents to provide full refunds to anyone at any point prior to the show. Period.

Yes, this is in direct contradiction to the printed rules, but the Wynn folks have decided to provide a release valve to let out some of the pressure. They'll have a standby line for people hoping to buy tickets -- and face value -- on the day of the shows.

Dunne did say that she's not sure whether they'll continue with this return policy beyond the first 20 Garth Brooks shows for which Wynn sold seats last month, but it cannot be understated how important and groundbreaking a concept this is. So far as I know, there are no other shows anywhere in Vegas -- or elsewhere, for that matter -- that provide this sort of flexibility for customers. Now if you're sick or you can't get to Vegas or whatever, you can at least recoup your costs and you don't have to rely on a third-party to help.

I still expect a nightmare on the night of that first Garth Brooks show if, as planned, they invalidate any tickets bought through ticket brokers. People will have spent a lot of money for those tickets and will be enraged when they can't see the show.

But this is certainly a great first step. Let's hope some more common sense prevails here.


JeffW said...

For what it is worth...a couple of years ago, I have tickets to 'O'. My flight was delayed to the point I could not make the show. I called the box office prior to the show and they provided a refund. Very classy!

Charles in Richmond, VA said...

I last month I bought tickets for "O" for the middle of November and was told I could cancel up to the morning before the show, for any reason, and reschedule for another date. My guess is that in this economy they want to eliminate any reservations you might have about buying tickets to a show. Better to get your money upfront and worry about when you'll see the show later.

As for Wynn, in thinking about it, my guess is that Wynn felt, 'If I can't get top dollar for the GB tickets, NOBODY WILL.'

Anonymous said...

Maybe I don't owe you a cookie.


Michael said...

Definitely a good step and a very good PR move by Wynn considering the issues. This makes a lot more sense in not 'punishing' regular customers in their attempt to 'manage' all commerce with their tickets.