Saturday, November 7, 2009

CityCenter's CLASSLESS Move

They go and commission the great architect Sir Norman Foster to build a hotel-condo called the Harmon. Then, because of construction defects, bad economic foresight and lax oversight, they chop it in half, lose the condos and delay the opening by a year.

And now they turn it into that crassest and lamest of New Vegas tropes, a billboard?

That was taken by @LVSteven This is just so awful. This is what CEO Jim Murren had in mind when he gathered the world's best architects? Here's another view sent in today from @JeffinOKC:

I aready groaned when thee Mandarin Oriental did this...

...but have been reassured that that draping would be removed by opening day.


Anonymous said...

For me this is America and especially Vegas.
I you want billboard-free buildings comehere to europe ;)

James Taylor said...

It just depends on what the banner is advertising. If it were promoting the Petcast, then I think it would add a touch of class to the Strip.

Anonymous said...

I agree Steve, totally classless. I just don't get it. The challenge here is create a marquee that has never been done before to go along with the design concept, not go to the lowest common denomenator and throw up a classless billboard.

They never had a large Vegas-like marquee as a part of their design and therefore the driveby and walkby traffic doesn't know whats currently being offered at City Center (shows, restaurants...etc.) so instead of taking up the challenge of creating something never been done before with a great marquee design, we get this crap.

Steven J. Campbell said...

You completely fail to understand the underlying context. If you did not pay attention for a long time since the inception you would not know how MGM mirage went on and on about the world class design and big name archetects.

They then go and slap a half-finished billboard over one of the mist touted buildings on the site - and the show IS NOT AT THE HARMON but at aria.

So yeah... Vegas people familiar with the project groan a little at this