Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stop the presses: The Silverton Put Up A Sign!

This just struck us as a bit sad. The Silverton, which is a quite respectable little hunting-lodge-themed joint with an excellent cafe and a ginormous Bass Pro Shop a couple miles south of the Strip, added a huge new marquee. Fine. That's nice. Probably a good business idea.

This excerpt of a press release, though, seemed a little desperate:

On Thursday, March 22, the Silverton Casino Lodge will install a huge 54' sign on the west corner of Dean Martin and Blue Diamond. This new sign is sure to draw attention to the booming locals casino.

The Silverton Casino Lodge would like to extend an invitation for any media interested to come out and take as many photos and as much video of the sign as they would like.

We've been looking all over and it seems that "as many photos and as much video" has amounted to exactly nothing. OK, it's hard to tell at this late date whether any of the TV stations pandered. But we couldn't find a single photo anywhere on ye olde Internet of this sign, not even on the Silverton's own website, and it does appear that this momentous event seemed to be covered by, uh, nobody.