Thursday, April 19, 2007

MGM To Take Over The WORLD

Howard Stutz had a terrific scoop in the Review-Journal today that MGM Mirage has bought a bunch of land at Sahara and the Strip that, along with its Circus Circus property, gives it 100 contiguous acres. The implications are enormous -- that's 24 more acres than they have at CityCenter -- and will be hashed out by many including me in coming years. Sadly, though, MGM Mirage president Jim Murren says the plan does NOT include blowing up the monstrosity that is Circus Circus. He did give Stutz this peculiar comment:

"We're going to put some money into it and enhance and expand it over time. Circus Circus will be a gateway to our new development, similar to what Monte Carlo is to Project CityCenter."

This is an odd statement. Did anyone until Murren ever suggest that Monte Carlo, one of the most forgotten casino-resorts in the MGM family, was a gateway to CityCenter? Just look at how is sits off to the side in this picture of the CityCenter model. It's so sad and lonely, neglected as it has been its entire existence. Gateway? More like bastard step-child.

Prediction: When they get down to the guts of whatever plan they have for all that property, Circus Circus will be condemned to its fitting erasure from this earth. They're certainly not going to be able to attract architects
like Liebskind and Jahn to offer up stunning designs for buildings to stand alongside a demented clown holding a bitten lollipop.

Miles and I kicked that around and more on tonight's episode of The Strip. We also had a camera crew from working on a piece on us to post sometime next week! Take a listen or right-click here to save the show to your computer to hear later.


Dana said...

I always did think that clown looked demented!!! Funny!!!

ChrisR said...

The Monte is a nice spot. It has good intimate poker room, excellent accomadation, and Lance Burton. The buffet is ropey, but the brew pub at the back is nice. Plus they do have a single 0 roulette wheel, and good craps tables at times, so for gamblers it's a good spot. Plus it's a good location for the rest of the strip.

If I could afford it, it'd be my first choice of hotels on the strip.