Friday, June 15, 2007

We're Right - Again!

Last weekend we broke the news that the Frontier would close on July 15. It was re-reported in various places, but in some cases it was treated as a rumor as opposed to a well-sourced report.

Alas, our 100 percent batting average remains intact. According to the Classic Las Vegas blog, readers have told them that the following signage has sprouted all over the doomed property:


Due to the closure of the New Frontier Hotel & Casino, all New Frontier chips and tokens will be redeemable at the New Frontier's main casino cage 24 hours a day up to July 15, 2007.

Thereafter, all chips and tokens will be redeemed exclusively at the Riviera Hotel Casino's main cage 24 hours a day through October 10, 2007. "

So there.

I'm still at the VIP Lounge at the Rio. The prime rib was terrific, the chocolate chip cookies divine. Doyle Brunson is now at a table nearby chowing down.


Ted Newkirk said...


Saw those signs Monday June 11 when we did a walk-through. That lead to me yapping about the closure date when I published June 13. I agree... you were the first to call it in advance of that.

Talked to the lead bartender named David, he claimed to be the longest working employee when we talked to him. Noted to work at Frontier since the place opened (and his story backed it up, including when he talked about the strike).

In retrospect, sorry I didn't source him for you and get his info. He would have been a hell of an interview. I don't think anyone has written the real story of the strike... and with the union at the end of a contract... even more pertinent.

Love your work... continued great success!