Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"The Strip" is LIVE from 7-8 pm PT TONIGHT!

Really this time... join us for the live chat during the show at LVRocks.Com at 7 pm PT (OK, we usually don't start till 7:05 pm PT!) as we record this week's episode featuring a news-breaking interview with the iconic Donny Osmond!

Plus, news from Vegas, the trivia question, the poll and, as always, the Top Secret Tourist Tip of the Week.

See ya later!


Anonymous said...


I did buy an iPhone on the 29th (actually I got two - the wife would have killed me) and I am loving it.

Not only are all the features impressing me, I can do even more content management for my Web site remotely than I could with my BlackBerry! Good times!

Hunter / RateVegas.com