Monday, July 30, 2007

The Strip's LIVE on WEDNESDAY This Week

Just a quick note to let everyone know we're recording the live show on Wednesday, not Tuesday, this week. The good news is that the podcast will ALSO go up late Wednesday because I'm off to L.A. for the weekend with my Little Brother to catch the X Games on Thursday.

We can't say who the guest is this week yet b/c it's between two stars, one already recorded and another which may be coming in in the next day or two. In fact, the reason we're holding out to Wednesday is to see if I land the bigger star in time for this week's program. But the lesser star said some very, very shocking things in my interview with him, so either way this week will cook.

See ya Wednesday from 7-8 pm PT on LVRocks.Com. Or see ya on your iPod.


dan kane said...

Ooh how cryptic! Can't wait to see who it is...