Friday, August 17, 2007

"The Petcast" is LIVE on Saturday 9-11 am PT

Join us for the recordings of four all-new -- and duck-poop-free, I hope -- episodes of "The Petcast" Saturday morning at LVRocks.Com. You can call in and ask questions of our guests at 702-383-8120 as well.

Our guest line-up this week:

9 a.m.: Dayna Rich does intake evaluations and cares for animals at the Colorado Reptile Human Society, a statewide shelter for reptiles and amphibians in Longmont, Colo. She'll talk about how it is that these pets get abandoned and what misconceptions lead people to buy them in the first place, plus proper care for reptile pets.

9:30 a.m.: Marlena
Cervantes, owner of Flexpetz, dubbed as "a new concept for dog lovers with busy lifestyles." For a monthly $39.95 fee plus a per-day fee, people can rent dogs from centers in San Diego and Los Angeles with plans to expand to New York, San Francisco, London, Boston and Washington D.C. She explains the service, which in some ways harks back to our show No. 44 in which Ed Nicholas talked about sharing custody of his dog, Buddy, with his ex-partner.

10 a.m.: Ben Huh, founder of, a wildly popular blog site that became quite important when the pet-food recall emerged. Huh and his wife, Emily, operate Itchmo Pets Network, a collection of sites that also includes CatStuffReviews.Com and

10:30 a.m.: In studio guests are David Pohl, Keith Brown and their dog Devon, a McNab they adopted after he was mistreated by his first owner. They'll talk about that as well as flyball. Their team is called Fly N Aces and the site is