Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Confirmed: Beauty of Magic Gone 12/8

It's confirmed! "The Beauty of Magic," the biggest mistake on "The Strip" in many years, closes on Dec. 8 when Pamela Anderson is through.

I had noticed they weren't selling tickets beyond Dec. 8, so I asked Brad Seidel, the publicist for the show. And he wrote back: "Yes, the show will conclude its exclusive Las Vegas run at that time as planned."

Hmm. Hans Klok told anybody who listened he expected Siegfried & Roy-like run of many years, not six months. I'm certain I saw him say that on the "Today" show.

Oddly, I found this weird Sept. 24 interview on a site called PR.Com, which is clearly some sort of paid publicity thing masquerading as journalism. He confirms the Dec. 8 end there, sort of, but there's also this exchange: Do you want to stay in Las Vegas indefinitely, for years?
Hans Klok: I would love to.

Hmm. Bummer, that.

Why do I carry such vitriol for this particular show? I think it's because I despise being lied to. You know, like when this questioner states, "You guys were still selling out even in the summer...." I highly doubt this show ever sold out one single time.

Or this most cynical of exchanges: How come you and Pam are insinuating that you’re dating when you do press? Is it an ongoing gag between the two of you?

Hans Klok: Yeah, it’s more a funny thing, because when that happens it’s always during a TV show when the host is always making Pamela Anderson jokes. It’s just a routine. We have a very good chemistry and that’s it. We’re good friends and I’m not going to make it more then what it is. So you’re just playing on the joke basically…

Hans Klok: Yeah, we’re playing on the joke, but I think we played so much on the joke that everybody [believes it]. There are articles everywhere saying, “Are they dating?”

Hans Klok: We’re not, but it’s fun. We have a great time. It’s just a big joke. I know. You have to have fun with the media.

Hans Klok: Right! Well, they’re picking it up and it’s good for us. And I don’t have any tattoos…

Huh? "Have fun"? You mean LIE because you think it's a clever way to drum up publicity? And get caught when Pam ends up having one of her whirlwind romances and it's NOT WITH YOU?

Bye, Hans. If you ever come back, please bring some tricks of your own.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame Hans' show is closing so soon, now when people are just becoming aware of him. He's a very good illusionist, much like Siegfried & Roy. Hopefully there is another casino here in Vegas who will give him a chance - preferably without Pamela.