Sunday, November 25, 2007

A record-setting betting line today in Vegas

We rarely deal with gambling too much here or on the podcast and I generally never place bets on any games other than the Super Bowl, but this weekend's Patriots-Eagles match-up has drawn unusual interest because the Patriots are favored by bookies for a record-setting number of points, 23.5 the last I saw on the news. So my brother-in-law, Tom, in New York has called upon me to go place a $100 wager for him on the Pats. I'll probably toss $50 on there myself just to make it interesting. Isn't Miles gonna be excited that we have to watch football tonight! But, hey, at least I get to employ a totally gratuitous picture of Tom Brady on the blog. So there.


Anonymous said...

Not only did my beloved Eagles lose, but they also cost you money. That's the way the season is going for us.

chuckmonster said...

The spread was 24.5 at Monte Carlo at noon Sunday, I took the Eagles with the points for $10... chicken in a bucket dinner winner.

Anonymous said...

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