Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Show Must Go On

Alrighty... we're in a holding pattern here in New York, so we will be having the regularly scheduled LIVE episode of "The Strip" tonight. I'll be joining by phone for part of the hour and Miles and guest-host Amy will be in the studio with Brian Burke, artistic director of "...A New Day" and "Le Reve" to discuss Celine's final week as a Vegas headliner.

Join us live at 7 pm PT at LVROCKS.Com or grab the podcast later in the week!


Jeff Leatherock said...

That's what I call dedication! Thanks, guys, for your hard work.

Walter said...

Wow guys. Impressive!

Joey said...

Steve, I don't want you getting a big head or anything but I just gotta compliment you again.

You really seem to make the interviews seem so effortless and get so much from your subjects.

The question I have is this-
What percentage of doing such great interviews do you attribute to preparing questions and research ahead of time and what percentage do you attribute to being a natural born "people person" that can bullshit with anyone?

I know you do plenty of print media and other stuff but hope that you aren't stolen away to a higher profile gig where you wouldn't be able to focus on the destination I love to hear about so much- Vegas.