Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"The Strip" is LIVE tonight - with Sheldon!

Join us tonight for extended excerpts from my 2-hour chat with the third richest American! Hear him talk about Steve Wynn, his legacy... and bowling!

Come on down at LVRocks.Com at 7 pm PT! Or wait till the podcast.


Joey said...

I'd like to second Mile's comment about how well Steve handled the line of questioning with Sheldon Adelson when he was asked how he felt about being called paranoid and eccentric.

Nice keeping with the line of questioning.

Having a 98 percent or higher occupancy rate at Venetian for the first two quarters of 07 is very impressive, have those numbers been verified?

I know that Venetian uses Priceline to fill rooms at lower than Venetian website advertised rates so that would bring the average room rate down, but what he quotes as the average rates are still outstanding IMO.

If prices were equal I'd rather stay at Wynn or Bellagio or an Augustus Tower room at Caesar's, but every time I search for the best available room rates for my travel (and believe me I scour every deal and promo code possible) Venetian and now Pallazzo rates are well below the other three.

Keep up the great work.