Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Live Show TONIGHT - with Wolfgang Puck!

Thanks for all your patience! We'll be back in the saddle tonight at 7 pm PT with a fresh episode of "The Strip" featuring my chat with WOLFGANG PUCK as well as the interview I did a few weeks ago with Frankie Avalon. Yes, it's a SUPERSIZED episode of "The Strip," so pull up a chair, grab a drink (to chug when Miles cusses) and listen LIVE at LVROCKS.COM.

Or, be that way and wait for the podcast which, because you're all so nice, will be posted on Wednesday this week instead of Thursday to make up for being away. Aren't we great?


Dave Lifton said...

Why do those old entertainers always say "We played in tuxedos," as if that makes them inherently superior? Big freakin' deal. Your average wedding and Bar Mitzvah band wears tuxes, too. That doesn't mean that I'd pay money to hear them.

And Maggiano's sucks.