Monday, March 10, 2008

How open is McCarran's Wi-Fi?

Today's USA Today reported that the free wireless Internet at Denver International Airport comes with a tricky little catch: They have software that blocks users from accessing certain potentially objectionable material so that passersby don't die of exposure or something. This became news, though, when that overeager software also blocked the sites of Vanity Fair and Sports Illustrated. (Maybe they thought the term "Sports Illustrated cover curse" was obscene?)

I figured it was worth a call out to the McCarran folks to see if such software existed here. He said no. So good news for everyone -- you're free to enjoy Pornotube all you want while waiting for your flight!

He's going to get back to me about whether anyone has complained about their kids seeing something they shouldn't or what-not.

But I'm wondering if anyone here has any contradictory information. Have you been blocked from anything at McCarran? If so, when and what? What about other airports, perhaps even ones where you have to pay for access?


Danny in Tulsa said...

Not only have I never had a problem with Vegas wi-fi, but I actually think it is one of the most effective systems in the nation. The signal is strong, getting on is very easy and it seems to work just about everywhere. I've paid for access in other airports and still had connection problems or found it really slow.

Anonymous said...

I also think the McCarran wifi is one of the best setups. And I have to ask, what douche bag is going to complain about not being able to access porn in a public place? I don't think even the ACLU is gonna stoop so low as to fight that battle.