Monday, March 31, 2008

Name That Carpet!

The Review-Journal did something fun in Sunday's paper! No, really!

Sonya Padgett of the Features section offered this entertaining quiz and piece on the Vegas casino carpeting. Go here and try to guess which rugs belongs to which resort. Don't scroll down too far or you'll hit the answers before you're ready.

Also worth your time from Sunday's paper was a column by John L. Smith about a 65-year-old known as the "first lady of fingerprints" for the Vegas cops. She's got some terrific tales about the hands she's printed, from Elvis to Liberace to Johnny Cash. I love these sorts of stories.

And, finally, the Las Vegas Sun's Alexandra Berzon is turning the spotlight for two days on the rash of deaths on Vegas construction projects and the lame actions of governing authorities in these tragedies. The package is complete was a terrific set of online features that include and interactive maps and moving video interviews with survivors. It's a powerhouse effort. The most powerful piece, though, is this bit of information: Nine deaths in 16 months on is more, Berzon writes, than "were reported during the entire 1990s building boom on the Strip."


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that the "16 months" referred to in this story is larger in size and workers than the entire "1990's building boom"? I recall City Center alone being referred to as the largest privately financed construction project in the history of mankind, if not all time and space. Jeff in OKC