Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Plaza NOT On Hold?

After I posted this about the Plaza being on hold, with the indication coming from a Israeli newspaper report being picked up by the respected investment house Wachovia in an investment note, I received a note from Plaza spokeswoman Michelle Tsang containing this statepemtn from Mike Naftali, president of ELAD Group:

“There is no credibility to the rumor that The Plaza project is on hold. We are forging ahead as planned and on Wednesday, March 19, the entitlement for The Plaza project will be on the county commissioner agenda. ELAD IDB, LLC is still on board for bringing one of the most luxurious mixed-use properties to the Las Vegas Strip.”

So which is it? I tend to take the word of the president of the company. And the Israeli newspaper referenced by the investor note is in Hebrew, so I can't check. Anyone want to go search Yediot Ahronot for us and tell us what the original story might have said?


Anonymous said...

This may be too much of a stretch, but, are you close enough to Lichtenstein to get some info on Tamares group? They are the owners of the downtown Plaza, and other downtown casinos. I also understand they are agressively aligned with Israel and have had dealings with Elad outside the U.S. that may not be positive.
Jeff in OKC

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