Monday, May 19, 2008

Criss Angel: I Didn't Threaten Norm

It's hard to believe that it's been more than a month since Norm Clarke of the Review-Journal wrote that he was threatened by Cirque du Soleil star Criss Angel at the Miss USA contest and, so far as I can tell, nobody has directly asked Angel for comment. I mean, the guy goes to more openings than a can opener.

So I did it last night while on the carpet at the ACMAs for USA Today, right after Dippy from HollyScoop (see earlier post) asked him what "country" is to him and let him pimp some trick he's planning to do on TV where he walks on Lake Mead. Has it dried up even sooner than predicted?

Here's how it went:

Friess: Are you planning to apologize for the threat you made against Norm Clarke of the Review-Journal?

Angel: The problem is, some people got their lines crossed. And if some people got the whole story, they would see that what he wrote is actually not what really happened. So there’s nothing to apologize for.

Friess: What really happened?

Angel: I’d need a while to explain that to you and now is not the appropriate time.

That's odd. For a full month, this story's been out there. Richard Abowitz of the L.A. Times' Vegas blog put in some unreturned calls and emails and heard nothing. Sherman Frederick, Norm's boss as publisher of the Review-Journal, finally peeled himself away a full week after the alleged threat from misleading his Sunday readers about a circulation increase that was actually a decrease to stand up on behalf of his journalist.

And yet in the face of such a PR nightmare, Mr. Angel -- neither of his own volition nor encouraged firmly by the companies that have tethered $100 million+ to his mercurial persona in Vegas -- bothered to issue a statement, do an interview, write a letter to the editor. Not only that, but he's scolding "people" for not having the whole story when ample opportunities have been provided him to give it?

Hey, Criss. Here's yet another chance. I've got all the time in the world. Whatcha waiting for?


Anonymous said...

Bravo for actually "asking him" -When someone is asked a question "out of the blue" without ample time to "spin" a response - CA's response to you was what I would have expected...

(you might want to ask him why he was at 3 different parties on Mother's Day also - isn't he supposed to be real close to his Mummy??) Or is that an illusion too?

He claims he doesn't have to "explain" his actions, but if you're claiming to be a certain type of person and you turn out to be the total opposite, thereby "duping" the stupid public - then yeah, I say call him OUT!

This guy goes by the title "Mindfreak" and I think he is doing just that - seriously "mindfreaking" the public into spending their hard-earned cash to "support his show", while he's out in public with his latest "trash".

I think Criss Angel is a total "illusion" as a person.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone has the right to judge Criss' personal life or who he dates. He's a grown man and can do what he pleases. As for the Norm Clarke situation, I would like Criss to explain his side to a fair reporter. I doubt this blog fits that and has shown nothing but dislike and disdain for Criss. You even mock his trick of walking on a lake...what's that about? I wouldn't answer you on the red carpet, especially if you feel the need to diss my art. Look, Criss has been through so much bad press and he's not really doing anything that different from most celebrities. Oh, he dates younger women, so does George Clooney but that's okay because Clooney is 'clean'. See Criss is 'Street' and 'Real'...the author of this blog should do some research...Criss Angel made himself and will still be Criss Angel and have lots of fan with or without your approval. You should really read his book to understand him...but an uppity person like yourself will never do that...I guess it's because Criss doesn't wear Gucci or whatever uppity-arrogant clothes you think a man of his age is supposed to wear. Also, Steve, you expect Criss to talk to you after you declared him the anti-Christ?


OK, I'll bite. When did I ever call Criss Angel the Anti-Christ?!? For God's sake, I'm a Jewish atheist!

Also, I don't give a damn whom he dates or what he wears and you cannot find a single word I've ever written about either topic. I do know that Angel does not strive for privacy in these regards, though. In fact, he deliberately courts attention for his love life and his fashion sense as a means to promote his programs. So for those journalists who cover such matters, it's fair game.

Bottom line: He's had ample opportunity to provide either an apology or a reasonable explanation for an incident for which there are several extremely credible eyewitnesses. There is simply no excuse for threatening working journalists, no matter what they write about you. Any such threat must be regarded as a threat against every member of the media who might dare to write something that could be perceived as critical.

It's not cute or silly or something that can be ignored. Angel's had a month to explain and he's rejected every last chance. Then he whines that the whole story hasn't gotten out?

Anyone who would defend such behavior is too much of a devotee to be responded to any further. But I'm dying to hear how the anti-Christ thing came up!

Anonymous said...

About the anti-Christ -- I'm just using the same brand of journalism as you Vegas-types...I make sh*t up. Also, all celebrities court attention about their love lives, real or imagined...I've already figured out Criss is promoting these young Vegas' hotties he parades around with...everyone knows it. So's very funny and I'm in on the joke....heck I wouldn't be shocked if Criss was a closet case. Anyway, I take exception with people not being fair to Criss...even PETA is singling him out, why? I believe, to use Criss' live show title, that there are many people not liking Cirque working with Criss, but the joke is on them because Criss has been 'working' with elements of Cirque for years (way back in New York City)...I wish the best for Criss and think he's being unfairly picked on. That is all...I'm glad I got you to's been fun.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Topics like these really bring the trolls out from under the bridge.

Norm and Criss ought to go down in flames together.

Anonymous said...

mike_ch said...

Norm and Criss ought to go down in flames together.


Personally I've never read anything that Norm has done that would prove him deserving of that kind of fate.

I think Norm does a great job with his writing style - it is anything but tabloid trash. I read his column online (I'm not from Las Vegas) and enjoy keeping up on the city happenings that way.

Norm, we've got your back.

Peace and Love!

Troy in Las Vegas said...

Let us not forget that Criss Angel is above all an actor. One who creates a persona in exchange for cash. That is the bottom line. Remember- Angel is not his real name? And remember he used to be married? And then the fame and fortune and what hapened? A break up with the one who was called his "girlfriend", the one who supported him all those years and now he runs around with these "hotties" he is "promoting". Whatever that means.
PETA singling him out? PETA goes after everyone and I suspect Criss Angel is no exception as I suspect there will be live critters in his show. He has worked with animals before and I doubt his live show will be any different. PETA goes after everyone to the point that Lance Burton hides his animals to protect them from PETA or so I have been told by people that are in a position to know these things.
So yeah, give Criss Angel a break. He is an actor/magician that has somehow become quite successful and will continue to be so. Fame and fortune can sometimes make delusional those who deal with illusion.

Anonymous said...

The Strip Podcast Guys & Crissy Angel all suck nigger balls!

Anonymous said...

"The Strip Podcast Guys & Crissy Angel all suck nigger balls!"

Yet you listen every week don't you? You keep coming back. Why is that?