Friday, May 30, 2008

Those Two Questionable Tussauds Statues

So more than one of you believes that the tuxedo'd guy that I couldn't ID at Tussaud's the other day was Michael Crawford based partly on the Phantom mask he's holding. I agree that's a clue and perhaps you're right, but here' s the side-by-side comparison of the two and if it is Crawford, it's a terrible version of him.

Easier to believe is that the other unidentified statue, which was near the Elton John placard despite there being no Rocket Man to speak of in the vicinity, was Jon Bon Jovi. Here's the side-by-side on that one.



Troy from Las Vegas said...

The statue on the right looks as if Bon Jovi and Clay Aiken had a meth head child.
Just saying...