Friday, June 20, 2008

Dear MGMMirage.Com Peeps...

I was looking up times for the Jay Leno Midwest flood-victim benefit shows on June 25 and June 27 for a piece I'm doing for the L.A. Times and look what popped up atop the pop-up window!

Brothers, Siegfried & Roy are gone. We, too, miss them sincerely. But it's been almost five years. It's time to fix your HTML. Really.

Try it yourself! Click here. Then click on "headliner tickets." Yes, it morphs a split-second later to something else. That's why this screen shot is so lousy -- I had to do it really fast. But still. Something tells me you're going to be much, much faster about purging all evidence of Danny Gans come the winter. Also, when was "O" ever at The Mirage anyway?

And, speaking of Bellagio, congratulations on finally shutting off that annoying music at Bellagio.Com and MandalayBay.Com. Now take care of that at MGMGrand.Com, too, will ya? Still, not so sure the whole "who-will-you-be" thing at MandalayBay.Com works. The voice cuts off rather abruptly, leaves users a little disoriented. I'll play with it a little more, though.

One final thing: Don't tease me! You know I love, love, love anything related to Las Vegas and podcasts. So when I saw that y'all had a "podcast" for the MGM Grand, I got all giddy. Until I subscribed and listened to them.

Huh? Twelve-second recitations of the names of your shows or acts? Five-second identifications of the chef at your restaurants? WTF? Why bother? You folks should be embracing this medium to provide news, tourist tips, giveaways, interviews with stars, chefs, executives... oh, wait. Never mind. Who would ever listen to such nonsense?



Troy from Las Vegas said...

Some smart coder or programmer can either tell me I am off base here or back me up and explain it further...but the first thing that comes to mind is 'keyword spamming' meaning let's say my website is all about apples and I have all sorts of information about apples but not a single word on oranges. The search engines will never find my website if someone searches oranges. There are techniques though to hide sort of related words in the website to trick the search engines so that someone searching for information about oranges will still stumble across my apple website.
Now in the big money business of Vegas shows imagine how this could benifit someone selling tickets for a certain property shows to sort of remind tourits of what else is available.
"Hey Mabel. Let's see that sigfried and roy when we jump in the family truckster and head out west to Sin City."
"Well get on the magic box and see what Google says."
"Hey Mabel, looky here, that got a feller named Gans."
"No Billy Joe, Everybody knows he is terrible."

or something like that.

(The opinions expressed here are that of Troy from Las Vegas and are not necessarily the views of Vegas Happens Here. Though they probably are as well.)