Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lake Las Vegas Could Be Drained!!!

It's not funny. I know it's not funny. In fact, it's terrific journalism. John G. Edwards and Alan Maimon have a front-page piece in the Review-Journal today based on a passage in the bankruptcy filings for Lake Las Vegas that indicates that the 320-acre lake could disappear, drained into the wash and sent back to its rightful home in the Colorado River, should emergency repairs on a 7-foot pipe not occur forthwith.

And here, friends, is the greatest understatement in Vegas history, per that filing urging the fix:

Drainage "would be disastrous for the project, because it would be virtually impossible to obtain the amount of water necessary to re-fill the lake, and the project would lose a considerable amount of its appeal were it built around a dry lake bed."

Bravo to the cheeky lawyer who clearly had a swell time writing that! But it gets even better when Henderson's public works chief tries some fruitless spin: "I don't see a ghost town at Lake Las Vegas. It's too nice." Yeah, because millionaires like Celine Dion want to live around a big, smelly pit full of stuff that reckless boaters have been pitching overboard for years.

Oh dear. Read all about it here.


dan said...

what the hell!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. 14 years ago there was plenty of Colorado River water to let the lake fill up but today there's not?

Anonymous said...

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