Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No LIVE Show This Week

Sorry, folks. We lost our engineer -- Mark says he's invented a means of making household air conditioners 40 percent more energy-efficient and a Canadian company is paying him to build it (?!?!?) -- and LV Rocks is training a replacement. The other times LV Rocks offered us don't work for us this week, so we'll be cranking something out from home.

SO - next week we'll celebrate our 3rd anniversary with a new engineer. Wish us luck.

Also sorry the blogging has been sparse in the past couple of days. My aunt left after six days and I've got an OJ trial preview I've got to complete today. I'm just a little tired and trying to get back up to speed.


rob said...

mark is the best! maybe he will be a zillionaire from this investment. lv rocks probably had a good slot on sunday night 3-4 am but steve was afraid to miles about that one :-)

V.S. said...

Wow. The implications of this invention are vast. We will no longer be reliant on foreign, politically unstable sources for oil, we won't have to drill off-shore or in ANWR, and gas at the pump will be affordable again. Please thank Mark for me, if you get a chance.