Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Adam Goldman Rocks

Many veteran Vegas watchers know the name Adam Goldman because he was the first Associated Press reporter to cover gaming and the Vegas tourism industry as a serious beat. Among his most significant efforts while here was a dogged battle to force the feds to come clean about its probe into the 2003 tiger-mauling that ended Siegfried & Roy's stage career.

Adam's also one of my closest friends and stood up for Miles and me at our wedding. Here, in fact, is the cute shot of me and Adam on the deck of the Fantasy Tower suite where we got married.

Adam has been in the AP's New York bureau for a few years now. And for the past few weeks, he's been marooned in Anchorage, Alaska, to cover the Sarah Palin beat. He'll be up there through the election, in fact. He was the one who managed to track down Bristol Palin's baby daddy about 10 days ago and he's now been instrumental in the story that broke this week that the GOP's veep candidate was charging travel expenses for her children to her state.

Now it is brought to my attention that Adam's been deservedly rewarded for his efforts. Here's a memo posted on the site of the most popular journalism blog explaining how he landed the Levi Johnston story. He gets a $500 bonus for it, too!


VegasLinks said...

Congrats on your Trippie nomination. I've been nominated for VegasLinks and while I'm honored, I know I don't deserve nearly the credit of the rest of the folks nominated in our category of Best Vegas Blog.

I consider myself a fan of every one of the nominees. Thanks for all the work you and Miles do to make my drive to work fun and fill part of my Vegas jones.