Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Strip is LIVE tonight @ 6:45 pm PT w/ more WYNN

What Barack Obama is to "60 Minutes," Steve Wynn is to The Strip Podcast.

Tonight, we finish out 2008 with the rest of our pre-Encore chat with Wynn in which we discuss his athletic prowess, his concerns about the economy and a little Gandhi. Plus, news from Vegas, the poll, a new trivia question, listener feedback and, as always, the Top Secret Tourist Tip of the Week.

Join us from 6:45-8 pm PT in the chat and to hear the live show at LVROCKS.Com or wait a day or so for the podcast version.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, Dude!
Your hair WAS mega-greasy on television & I'm just telling you what your good friends won't.

Doesn't make me a homophobe or anti-gay marriage or anything like that.



hey, thanks for the tip. clearly you don't know my friends. they're brutal. that's why i like 'em.

Phil said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Wynn, Jay Sarno is more deserving of hero worship than him, but like he said many newcomers to Vegas don't know the history. I guess its like many things in life that there was always someone before that truly made the path. A lot of the stuff Vegas has done today is been there done that in the 60's by Sarno. There is no doubt in my mind Sarno's Caesars Palace and its history of events over its 40 plus years easily makes it the greatest hotel not just in Vegas but in the world. Now I'm strictly speaking of it's history, certainly Wynn's hotels look nicer, but none of them come close to the history of Caesars. I think if Sarno was still living he would have produced products that even exceed Wynn's. Back in the early 70's Sarno had a concept, of which only the Sarno family still have plans of, called the Grandissimo that essentially took the granduer of the original Caesars to the next level. As I recall it had 6000 rooms and massive fountains, again the vision of Sarno who saw where this town was going 20 years before it happened with a concept that even today hasn't been matched.