Monday, January 19, 2009

All MGM Mirage Web Reservation Sites Down!

I'm trying to finish a piece that requires me to check on room rates for a certain type of suite and, lo and behold, every single MGM Mirage website is "currently undergoing maintenance." I've called a few of the reservations lines and they don't seem to be aware of this outage. They also don't seem to be terribly worried.

Now, I don't go looking at room rates much, but if they were going to take their sites down for a planned "maintenance," wouldn't it be most likely that they would do so one by one rather than all at once and that they'd do it in the middle of the night?

Here's what you get right now:

Anyone have any thoughts? I wonder if this is related in any way to the Opera System disaster they encountered in October 2007.


Anonymous said...

their reservation system is on one backbone for every property. monday evenings is traditionally the time for online retailers to roll out new features and software... at least it has been at every company i've ever worked at.

today the lvhilton and riviera rolled out brand new websites.


chuck - huh. well, they're all back up, so i guess it was a nothing. the hilton site is interesting -- what does that mean that Hilton is a place to "plan"??? Plan what, a terrorist attack??!?

Anonymous said...

Returned home Monday from 4 nights at Bellagio. Computer system on the fritz at cashier, at machines, at Players Club and at front desk. Sounds like a bigger issue than just reservations. EVERY employee about to pull out his or her hair.

Anonymous said...

The reservations system is not the same thing as the internal systems for POS.

All internal POS terminals (F&B and retail) at MGM Mirage properties run InfoGenesis (local SB company!) and have for years.

I've been at several major properties during IT fritzes... As they were bringing Encore systems online in December, WLV had several major blips that took them offline during biz hours. Part of the gig...


Anonymous said...

Just another comment, MGM's reservation site has been up and down over the past couple weeks, last week, the player's club site was down for the full week, with a message stating that they were performing upgrades. This was posted on From a user standpoint though, when it came back up last Friday there was no noticeable difference in the system. However, under the new format, I've found the MGM site, has been up and down during daytime periods for the past month or so.