Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wynn on "60 Minutes" This Sunday?

While writing the last post about Jon Ralston's fantastic Steve Wynn interview, I went hunting for the old Charlie Rose interview with Wynn from 2005. I found that, but I also found that just today, CBS posted this 2-minute Q-and-A with Rose to YouTube about his most recent interview with Wynn. It appears that interview, which I've been waiting for since January, will be on this Sunday's episode of "60 Minutes," where Rose is an occasional contributor.

Should be interesting. I found Rose's thumbnail there of how Wynn got into gaming very, very strange and fairly inaccurate. And I wonder if CBS will acknowledge or disclose that the Wynns are large corporate sponsors of Charlie Rose's PBS show, as Elaine Wynn told me in November when I was working on my Wynn-Obama column.

Here are the videos of Wynn's September 2005 appearance on Charlie Rose, by the by. I think the second one is from a different day than the first one:


Anonymous said...

What a shame to see a marriage like that end.