Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Roger Thomas: The Advocate Profile

I'm on a layover in Atlanta -- God, how often have I written those six words on this blog in recent months?!? -- so to avoid other work, I figured I'd post the newly minted link to my lengthy profile in the June issue of The Advocate of Roger Thomas, whom Dave McKee of Stiffs & Georges referred to today as "inarguably the most influential designer in Vegas history." Or, as I write in the first line, "Steve Wynn’s gay alter ego." This was a piece that was assigned at 1,200 words. I filed 2,500 -- coulda gone on, he's so fascinating and important -- and they ran it all. That never happens.

Annoyingly, the piece went to press before Thomas called off his Wynn retirement. We're able to indicate that online but not in print. Them's the breaks.


VegasTeaRoom said...

haven't read the piece yet, but is this the guy Wynn got after he split with Sandy Gallen? Wasn't Gallen the gay boy to beat all gay boys, even if he were like 80 years old?