Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BREAKING: Shoshana Bean Replacing Mel B in Peepshow

Gotta run now to the Gans presser, but wanted to get this out.

Broadway actress Shoshana Bean is en route to Vegas to take over from Mel B the lead role of emcee/narrator/PeepDiva in the Jerry Mitchell burlesque "Peepshow" at Planet Hollywood. Bean has starred in Wicked and Hairspray. She starts on June 22, as does Holly Madison, who replaces "Dancing With The Stars" star Kelly Monaco as Bo Peep.

Here's Shoshana's site. Mel B's role had no nudity, so it's unlikely Shoshana will be called into topless duty, either. Jerry Mitchell will be in Vegas next week to work with Madison. No word when Bean gets here.

Both Bean and Madison are on three-month contracts.