Friday, June 19, 2009

Celine For Sale!

A loyal reader and listener thought he had stumbled upon something when he was browsing for tickets for Cher at the Colosseum on Ticketmaster's website today and he came across this:

Are these three items, he wondered, some sort of placeholder for Celine Dion's long-awaited return to her Vegas throne?

No, but he did stumble upon something even stranger. A good 18 months after Celine left the Colosseum stage, Ticketmaster is still selling her memorabilia. You have three intriguing options:

1. A $149 Piece of the Floor:
"Own a piece of the actual stage that Celine Dion A New Day…was performed on at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. An elegant hand made laser etched custom acrylic shadow box encapsulating a piece of authentic Colosseum flooring. This limited edition piece of music and Las Vegas history is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a performance photo of A New Day…$149.00. Limited Edition of 4148 pieces. Piece measures 13" x 7". Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. A $17.00 shipping charge per piece will be added."

2. A $149 ticket-and-chip set: "This beautiful framed piece includes a souvenir ticket from the opening night and the final performance of Celine Dion A New Day… a $5.00 souvenir casino chip and a photo of Celine Dion. $149.00 Piece measures 15 ¾ "x 11 ½ " . Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. A $17.00 shipping charge per piece will be added."


3. A $275 chip set: "This limited edition piece includes a ticket from the opening night and final performances of Celine Dion A New Day…plus a collection of each souvenir casino chip that was issued by Caesars Palace positioned on top of a beautiful image of Celine. $275.00 Limited Edition of 100 pieces Piece measures 13" x 19 3/8". Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. A $17.00 shipping charge per piece will be added."

I wonder how these hotcakes are selling. Anyone out there have one? Did anyone even know they were selling this stuff? I've never seen an advertisement for it anywhere. And when do they start selling off props from "The Red Piano"? I bet Lonnie Hammargren would snap up the giant blow-up banana...


Anonymous said...

I have one piece of flooring with a ticket-and-chip set. I bought them in january 2009 after reading an article in the Journal de Montréal newspaper in Montreal. Even so, it was hard to find out how to buy this stuff, because the phone number was wrong. I can say that for a Celine Dion's fan like my wife, it is the best collection piece for whom saw the show in Vegas...I dont know if they sold everything...