Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is it Criss Angel Luxor, too?

Not long ago, that beloved Strip headliner Criss Angel Tweeted this:

I have no idea what it means to relocate six choppers. But what perked my ears up was "the Criss Angel Liquidity Bar." Did they rename this belly-up bar? So far as I can tell from the website, no. I also called the number but nobody answered the bar's phone. When I called the hotel operator, it went like this:

Me: Hi, I have a question. Did they rename Liquidity for Criss Angel?

Lady: Did they what?

Me: Rename the bar as Criss Angel Liquidity Bar?

Lady: Well, I know we have the Criss Angel Believe show.

Me: Yeah, I know that. But what about the bar?

Lady: I can transfer you there, but they didn't tell us anything about that. Do you want to be transferred?

Me: They don't answer, but sure. Let's see what happens. Thanks.

Lady: Have a good evening.

That was followed by endless ringing until I hung up.

The funny thing is, I've been following Criss Angel's Tweeting carefully lately because he's doing something kind of interesting. He's got some sort of a treasure hunt for tickets going on. Apparently they're hiding some tickets in the retail shop for his show, Criss Angel Believe. He's revealing clues via Twitter. Not real sure how this works exactly -- is he asking the Loyals to come ransack the store or something? -- but it's intriguing nonetheless.

Anyhow, waiting on someone at MGM Mirage to let me know if they've rebranded the bar in his honor. Cuz, you know, the Criss Angel brand has done such wonders for Cirque du Soleil and all as you can see.

[UPDATE: MGM Mirage F&B publicity queen Andrea Brown wrote back to say: "They are NOT changing the name of Liquidity, but Criss will be making appearances every Friday and Saturday night beginning Friday, Aug. 7 at Liquidity." Oh, joy. How thrilling.]


Jess said...

Actually, Criss Angel BeLIEve was the #8 selling show in Las Vegas just last week, and it is constantly in the Top 10 according to Ticket News.

Criss collects motorcycles - he must have dozens, and he is relocating several of them around Liquidity. That is what he meant by "relocating six choppers."

Personally, I love Criss and thinks that he goes above and beyond to meet his fans, and if this is another step in that direction, more power to him.

Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed Jessica! You show up on almost every blog that writes about Criss.
I love your coverage Steve! Thanks for the giggles you create regarding this subject.

loyal4life said...

Wow you are a complete douchebag, not to mention got pretty much every "fact" wrong. The first thing a writer learns, is "write what you know"...which clearly you don't!

Every month, the loyals are invited to luxor, get together at the Believe Merch. Store and have the chance to win 2 VIP passes to see Believe. The prize is hidden somewhere within the store, inside an envolope containing the tickets and a note from Criss. It's his way of getting the loyals together...and in the long run, everyone wins and gets to hangout with Criss and the other loyals.

Criss Angel Liquidity is Criss' latest venture. Which already has done amazingly well for itself. He combined it's official opening with the season 5 premiere party...which also happened to mark the 100th episode of Mindfreak. Say what you want about him, because clearly you're blinded. If a show makes it to it's 100th episode and the fans and ratings are still going strong, that's when it's time to watch yourself, because clearly he's been amazingly successful.

For the first 5 episodes of the season, fans can come to Criss Angel Liquidity, watch the new episode with their friends, then hangout with Criss who comes and hangs out after the second showing of Believe. On top of that he comes in on Saturdays to hangout.

Like him, hate him, that doesn't matter to me. I get that not everyone can understand how much he can change someones life, but check your facts and know what you're talking about if you're publicly posting something...

Criss has an amazing heart, and is incredibly loyal to his fans. Have you ever met another illusionist with the number of fans he's got? People who literally drop what they're doing to come and support him? Open your mind, you might just get something out of his art is you open your mind to the possibility of it...or just come down, meet him and see for yourself.



Loyal: There is no such thing as Criss Angel Liquidity. See the comment from the MGM Mirage folks. He made it up. Nobody else remotely related to the property has ever called it any such thing. Sorry. Also, my comments are about his live show, not his tv show. there's no debate the tv show is a hit.

Anonymous said...

The center bar of Luxor has been rebranded Criss Angel Liquidity. As confirmed by MGM Mirage public relations. In an email to the Las Vegas Sun; “It is Criss Angel Liquidity,” MGM Mirage PR manager Stephanie Heller said yesterday in an e-mail. “We just changed the name officially this week.”


Anon: I will check that out and if so, I stand corrected presently. However, when this blog post was written on July 30, the response from the chief food and beverage publicist for MGM Mirage was as I wrote it. Have they changed the signs at all? I haven't been over there in a while, although I will be stopping in today, coincidentally.

Anonymous said...

Hey, man , stop being jealous! Im a sceptik, I dont believe in God, in predictions, in imaginary creatures or..superior powers by a
human, and Criss still amazes me!
I dont know how he does itm but is the most amazing magic/illussions I ever seen! As to "Liquidity', he just down-right..owns it now! He bought it from Luxor! He wanted his own place to hang out! Even if he gets fired,or moves his show somewhere else, the bar remains..his!!Just lighten up!
He's rich,talented ,regardless of few bad nights of not selling too many tickets! Have you seen the economy lately? now moderate me!! lol