Sunday, July 12, 2009

The MJ Concert Begins To Take Shape

As I've said on the podcast a few times now, I'm co-producing "Las Vegas Celebrates Michael Jackson," a benefit concert on Aug. 29 at the Pearl at the Palms to raise money for music education in public schools. My partner in this venture, "Jersey Boys" star Erich Bergen, is really the visionary behind all of this as well as the true MJ die-hard, but I jumped in because it seemed like a terrific, timely and dignified way to use this pop-culture moment to do some real good. It also struck me as an idea much too lofty and ambitious for one person to execute, so I offered Erich my help and we formed a team.

We released the first bit of news today -- the date, place and time -- to Norm Clarke of the Review-Journal because Norm was the first to notice Erich's Tweets within days of Jackson's death about wanting to get something like this together. And just now we learned how big an event this could become when Access Hollywood placed a piece about our show atop their site.

There will be plenty more to come, including the lineup of talent -- and it's going to be amazing -- performing from the Jackson songbook and other ancillary Jackson-related events we're hoping to put into place on that day, which would have been the King of Pop's 51st birthday.

Please note: This is a celebration of his music. As I argued in my recent Las Vegas Weekly column, there is a significant difference between venerating the man and appreciating his work. There will be no speeches about Jackson the man at this event. It is all about the songs, the dancing, the art.

If you'd like to help in some capacity, email us at Every dime is going to the causes we choose -- VH1's Save the Music Foundation is the leading contender at this point -- so we'll surely need some help in a variety of ways unclear to us as yet! You can also follow us on Twitter at @VegasLovesMJ and a rudimentary site is already in place at VegasLovesMJ.Com, but the fine folks at the Palms will be doing something better than what I threw up there last night in anticipation of Norm's piece. There's also Facebook group.

Should be a busy summer!


murphy said...

So awesome, Steve! No grass grows under your feet, does it?

GregoryZephyr said...

I know a guy who works for some show biz promos with Tyler Perry, Maya Angelou, etc. Check him out at


very cool, gregory - will keep that in mind.

JO NESS said...

I emailed you...available to help with whatever is needed. Whether it is something minor, 'simple', or I also book/promote...;)) Godspeed