Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's ... TODAY!!! EEEK!

I'm sitting here getting ready to get dressed and go execute the weirdest, wildest, most incredible event of my life. I've been married twice and this feels similar to the anticipation of my weddings except that thousands of people didn't buy tickets to my wedding and the national media, for some odd reason, didn't show up. Also, we weren't reliant upon the good will and talents of hundreds of people whom we recruited to help us.

By the end of the day, we should have our answer to whether we've raised $100,000 for music education programs in the Clark County public schools. We'll know how successful Erich Bergen has been creatively in writing and directing a show that his mother tells me he's been writing since he was 4. We'll see if, uh, all the volunteers show up.

As John Katsilometes wrote in his preview on LasVegasSun.Com, I will write much more about what this has been like in my Weekly column on Thursday and I've been well aware of the complicated journalistic waters I've waded into. But, here I am and I'm determined to make this as successful as possible and also as thrilling and enjoyable as possible.

If you don't have tickets yet, some -- albeit the pricier ones -- are still available via Palms.Com. The Cinevegas-partnered "Moonwalker" screening -- after which I am helming a Q-and-A with director Vince Paterson and actress Kelly Parker -- is sold out, but a second screening without the Q-and-A has been scheduled for 10:30 p.m.

One of the coolest parts of all this is the What's On program. This is this week's cover:

...and then if you flip it over, here's the program, which opens from the back.

If you can't come, we are selling some collectors items on VegasLovesMJ.Com -- T-shirts, What's On issues, posters -- with all that money, again, going to the Clark County Public Education Foundation. Or you can just donate to help us reach the goal. Any which way.

I've been posting photo albums on the Facebook page for the show all week, so go to visit here and check them out. And I'll be Tweeting all afternoon either at @VegasLovesMJ or @TheStripPodcast -- I may switch my phone-based Tweets to the show Twitter feed for today. Haven't decided yet.

OK -- must run. Have a little show in the barn to execute.


Amy said...

Splendid job, Steve! The event was spectacular. Everything was wonderful, but the audience really ate up the quartets -- Human Nature, Jersey Boys, and Green Valley High School String Quartet. Little Elijah was the break out star.

Congratulations on reaching the fund raising goal!