Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hal Prince: The Las Vegas Spectacular

We were just going to hop over this week, but then I had my interview this morning with legendary Broadway producer-director Hal Prince of Phantom, Evita, Fiddler, Sweeney Todd, Damn Yankees, Cabaret and Pajama Game fame.

It turned out to be a fascinating hour as well as a newsmaking one, so now it's up for all to hear. Right-click here to download it to your computer or click here to get it to play for you.

Among the bits, Prince:

* Discusses his 2008 stroke
* Predicts the Vegas version of "Phantom" will run "indefinitely"
* Confirms his next show, "Paradise Found," will open in 2010 starring Mandy Patinkin
* Offers up a split-decision on Patti LuPone's on-stage outbursts.
* Tellingly avoids comment on the coming Phantom sequel
* Tries to explain why getting free pajamas and sewing machines for "The Pajama Game" in exchange for free promotions for the manufacturers wasn't an early version of product placement.

Prince's last remark said it all: "You're a good interviewer, but you're dangerous." Prince is the keynoter for the first Phantom Fan Week in Las Vegas, which runs from Sept. 16-20 at -- where else? -- the Venetian.

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American Theatre Wing said...

Thanks for directing your readers to our interview with Hal Prince, even when you've just done one of your own (we'll be listening). Many Broadway artists work out in Las Vegas, so "Downstage Center" on our website or iTunes has lots more interviews with folks working out there, notably Jerry Mitchell, creater of PEEPSHOW and a Broadway veteran. -- from your friends at the American Theatre Wing


WOW - the ATW podcast's a real find: Can't wait to listen to many of these!