Thursday, September 24, 2009

Take a GOOD look, Aubrey O'Day...

...cuz if ya keep this crapola up, this is the only sort of Peepshow that's gonna hire you. (I walked by that earlier tonight in New York and thought it would be funny, given the drama I'm missing back west. Something weird ALWAYS happens when I'm gone!)

If you haven't heard yet, O'Day -- whose claim to fame I still am unclear of -- called in sick on her second night as the singing lead of "Peepshow" at Planet Hollywood because someone in the audience took a photo of her topless and posted it online. Then she posted this bizarro YouTube clip...

...that defies logic and reason. And, Aubrey, trying to make sense of what you say is not being a hater. It's an earnest effort to figure out if you have any brains, is all.

In that vid, Ms. O'Day goes on about being insecure about her body. Yet she's the lead of a topless show in Las Vegas, a role that I'm pretty sure she consented to perform. Whatever might have been in the illicit photos -- and I honestly don't care enough to find them and see for myself -- had to have been what the audience saw at the show, so how exactly is she the new Erin Andrews?

Sure, nobody should've taken photos and posted them, but what exact damage was done? Daniel Radcliffe appeared in "Equus" and was not at all surprised when photos of [NSFW link ahead!!!] Harry Potter's magic wand ended up online. What century does this O'Day babe think she's living in? Even Patti LuPone coulda told her this was gonna happen. And then she slaps back and scores one for the female race by, uh, showing off her boobs on YouTube? (Aha! So NOW you're going to click on that video, is that how it is?)

Beyond that, her consternation over the predictable leakage of these photos was enough for her to skip a show?!? But my favorite part was what Richard Abowitz learned as he reported on the situation for his L.A. Times blog: Only two ticketholders asked for refunds. So what's worse, Aubrey, the fact that one audience member thought your goods were exciting enough to post online or the fact that 1,700 didn't care if you were there or not?

Finally, I just wonder. Is it just me or does this image of the clearly quite modest and insecure O'Day from her website...

...kinda remind you of...

...Lucy the Slut from Avenue Q?

OK, that qualifies me as a hater. Guilty as charged.


Troy in Las Vegas said...

Such a classy lady with all the vulgarity and middle fingers. Very lovely.
"...on stage at Peepshow which is were I usually am..." but then "last night was my opening night". Huh?
"I decided to call out tonight because..." I am throwing a little tantrum and acting like a diva.
"...I was screaming at attorneys..." Diva.
Why does her weight fluctuate so much. Drugs? (Not alledging. Just asking.)
Women are "judged like that" cause they are, uh, pretty. Any photo on any cover that anyone has ever done has been touched up? Really?
What was up with her getting up on her tip toes?
I got an idea, if she is so tired of the way society is treating women then why does she just not worry about it? I say she should just make a stand and quit working out and quit brushing her hair and sit around and wait for Cosmo or Elle to call.

Troy in Las Vegas said...

I just realized this chick has been on the cover of and presumably inside the cover of Playboy magazine? I assume, beyond the basic idea of modeling that she was also nude in that magazine?
Is the idea of Playboy not to show beautiful women?
Did she cash the check for her work?
yet out the other side of her mouth she says that she doesn't like what these magazines portray and how society has embraced that?
I mean, is she doing that, "Yeah this is terrible and so no one else should do it." which would perhaps just help with her soon to be over marketability?

Anonymous said...

Yup, she was on Playboy, *in* Playboy & generally left very little to the imagination.
David McKee

Anonymous said...

Saw the photo in question. She has a small pot belly. That's the only bad part about it, because she otherwise looks okay in it. Playboy is okay for her because they Photoshop that part out. Instead of calling in sick and getting lawyers involved, it might be simpler if she just went on a diet and went to the gym to do ab exercises. Yeesh.

Don said...

What a nitwit! But she's getting publicity so I imagine that's what she wants. Otherwise no one would know or care about her at all.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that when I see pictures of her I hear the Weird Science theme in my head?

Maybe at 34 I'm too old but I do not see the attraction in that woman. Add Paris Hilton and Britney Spears to that list.