Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Torn By A Puppy...Again

UPDATE: The NSPCA told me to call the vet. I called the vet. The vet's office said the SPCA has to call and allow them to discuss the animal with me. I called the SPCA, they said they would do so and to call the vet in a little while. I did. The vet office was then on the line with the SPCA and told me that they would tell the SPCA what's what and I could get it from them. That is not acceptable. I'm not inheriting a multi-thousand-dollar expense based on third-hand information. I told them I can't adopt a troubled animal without speaking directly to the vet. The folks at Sahara Pines Animal Hospital told me that was too bad and HUNG UP ON ME. So right now, not looking so good.

Torn about adopting this 3 month old doxie. Will need leg sur... on Twitpic

This is Reeses, the last remaining member of the Candy Bar Bunch. She and her siblings and mom were found in a drawer in a foreclosed home. She's a daschund-chihuahua mix. Incredibly sweet and docile. The NSCPA named all the puppies after candy. The rest have been adopted, but Reeses has a leg deformity caused by some form of neglect or abuse.

The NSPCA brought Reeses to KVBC to show off on the air last week. Miles fell in love. He didn't know about the required surgery, begged me to go look yesterday. I did. She is, undeniably, a magnificent and beautiful creature. We've been debating a third pet for a while, which is why this topic keeps coming up.

I'm about to call the vet that did the x-ray to see what the story is with the leg. As I understand it, it will not develop properly without the surgery and will cause all sorts of trouble later on. And it will probably cost thousands of dollars that we don't have.

Will keep you all updated. She's such a nice puppy. If anyone out there wants to take her on, she's hanging out at the NSPCA shelter. They've also, incidentally, got two huge pigs and three chickens available. Who knew?


John said...

I will say it again, as I did on your Facebook. My girlfriend and I cannot take this puppy on, but we can at least chip in some money to help with the surgery. Any idea on the cost of the procedure?

robertw4771 said...

Many of these vets make themselves hard to reach. Like doctors. There are two sides I guess. Anyway my currnt vet hospital I use is ver very good. Real pricey also. However every single vet must return your calls and they really followup alot. Its really important on the serious stuff. As always you are a real animal advocate

Anonymous said...

Try Mountain Vista Animal Hospital; the people there have been providing compassionate, excellent care to my cats for over 10 years.

David McKee

James Taylor said...

I'm afraid I have no solutions to offer. If times weren't so tough, the Humane Society might be able to help you out; they were a godsend when I needed to get a couple cats spayed. Hopefully the Petcast has some listeners who can lend a helping hand. It's heartbreaking to see an adorable puppy like that in need.

I think that a program should be set up where veterinary expenses for neglected or abused animals can be deducted directly from Michael Vick's paycheck.

Jeff in OKC said...

Lisa and I adopted a long hair weenie from a rescue here in OKC last year. They were honest and direct enough to explain to us that weenies were the hottest item they get, and if we didn't take it right then there would be 5 families lined up to take it in the morning. I think the people that are dealing with you in Nevada don't want to tell you this for some reason. My point being that I think you can let this one go to someone else, and can do so guilt free because she will be so popular.

Anonymous said...

I like your idea about Vick! He is a bastard.
You may want to try Heaven Can wait.
One of the Vets offices may let you do payments. Tropicana Vet let me pay off a huge bill over 2 years. No interest. I just made sure I was there very month with check in hand.
This little guy has been through so much already.