Saturday, November 14, 2009

This is Wynn (Warehouse)

After taping this week's episode of The Strip, I hightailed over to Wynncore to check out something unusual I had picked up from some Twitterer: Wynn Warehouse. Basically, the resort has an overstock of various merchandise and they set it up in the LaFite Ballroom for the public to come and buy and dramatic discounts. It is open Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 14 and 15, from 10 am-7 pm. I was told it was the first time they'd done it in at least four years, so it's a rare opportunity.

In fact, I'd never heard of a Strip resort doing any of this -- Tweeter said Station Casinos has done so -- and I thought it might be good for some early holiday shopping. Because I only had 20 minutes, though, I just ran around shooting photos and figured I'd go back tomorrow to buy some more items.

ALSO, they handed out fliers about a separate Wynn sale from Nov. 14-17, 9a-5p, at a real warehouse at 6650 Spencer St. where they offer "fabulous discounts on furniture and restaurant equipment." I may check that out tomorrow, too, because Miles and I remain in love with the comfy red seats at the restaurant now known as Stratta. (What'd it used to be? I'm blanking.)

The bulk of the offerings at Wynncore are clothes, presumably from the various shops on the property, although there are plenty of pieces with "Wynn" on them.

Wow! Wynn warehouse is huge! on Twitpic

There are wynn running suits for 9$. Were employee Xmas gifts... on Twitpic

The track suits above were a gift to employees last year, I was told. They only have XL, XXL and XXXL, but they're $9 for the set and I got one for Miles. And I thought these (below) were kinda handsome, the first I believe being part of some Wynn uniform and the second being a sweater:

See how it says $375? Well, according to this legend...

...that means it's going for $50. There are loads of those golf shirts that fell into the $20 range and LeReve and other T-shirts that were as little as $2. As you can see, the place functioned just like Old Navy:

The furnishings ranges from cool stuff like these, uh, $1 pen holders(?), china and, uh, well, what DO that call that curvy thing?

In fact, I'm not sure what many items are including these:

What is this? It's $7 on Twitpic

On Twitter, some folks suggested the green thing is some sort of Chinese restaurant table tray but all I'm able to make out a funny-face in the lower part and a paw print in the upper region. No clue on the orange helmutish things.

And these candle holders...

...are not worth even $5, are they?

There are ALL manner of clothes and accessories, even some kinky stuff:

...and this (below) is some sort of Jean Paul Gaultier handbag. Eek. My dog would eat it.

I was sad to see this reminder of failure:

Cards, pins, magnets...for a dime??? on Twitpic

They have notecards, pins and posters from Avenue Q for a dime! Also, they have these Spamalot dolls:

There are lots of knick-knacks, including Wynn pins and magnets -- even some from Macau -- as well as diaries, parasol Xmas ornaments and various Ferrari swag (including a golf putter?):

And, of course, even at Wynn Warehouse there's going to be...

...the seed of an idea for a guest for "The Petcast!" What Wynn store sells such a silly item, I may never know. But it can be yours for...uh...OK. I didn't care enough to look.


Anonymous said...

Stratta used to be Corsa Cucina.


Anonymous said...

This stuff always happens when I'm not in town. Darnit.

Anonymous said...

You locals have some very nice advantages. The marked down $375 sweater is something I would want. My wife wants living room furniture. Not worth the trip and hard to explain.


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