Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wynn Alters Garth Ticketing Plan

I'm working on a piece to post for one of my clients about the Garth Brooks ticketing and anti-scalping effort, but there was some news that I felt needed to get out NOW.

In a letter to ticketholders that arrived yesterday, Wynn Resorts laid out a system that involved ticketholders and all of the people coming to see the show arriving from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. to get their tickets in a ballroom. Everyone would show ID, receive a handstamp and wristband that they cannot remove until the enter the theater. Each ticket would have the name of the person whose seat it is printed on it and ID would be checked for every attendee at the door of the theater.

Well, ignore all that. Wynn spokeswoman Jennifer Dunne just told me they've changed the plan yet again. Now:

* Only the purchaser has to come get the tickets, although names of everyone attending is still printed on each ticket and no changes will be permitted.
* Never mind about the wrist bands and hand stamps. Not doing that.
* ID will be checked at the door of the theater randomly, not universally.

Anyone who can't use a ticket can get a full refund within, I presume, a reasonable length of time prior to the show. A standby line forms at noon the day of each show for folks to buy returned seats at the Wynn box office.

Gotta get back to writing my piece. But I figured I ought to get this up asap for those who care.


Hiker said...

This anti-scalping idea is so lame. I'm glad I don't like Brooks, so it doesn't affect me.

Anonymous said...

But why would I wanna do that since Garth is also performing in "Country Superstars Tribute" at Whiskey Pete's in Primm?

Plus with the money I save, I could git myself a gigantic 6 pound burrito for free at Sahara's Nascar Cafe!

Damn you, Trump for removing that "Wednesday Night Mud Wrestling at the New Frontier! Cold Beer, Dirty Girls" sign!

Now THAT'S when Vegas was great!
Grab a clue Wynn & Mullen!