Monday, April 19, 2010

Show is UP: Robert Earl

Here's the show, which has been in the feed since Sunday. In fact, most weeks the show is in the feed a day or more before it get it on the site or blog! Another reason to subscribe (it's free!) in iTunes or in Zune. Click on the date below to make it play or right-click to save it and listen at your leisure. Enjoy!

April 19: Robert Earl's Exit Interview

Back when he was unveiling the former Aladdin as the new Planet Hollywood casino, owner Robert Earl made some pretty lofty claims about what his resort would mean for Vegas. That was then. Earlier this year, Earl turned over control of the property to Harrah’s Entertainment, unable to keep his head above water amid these unprecedented, perilous economic times. Earl, naturally, has no regrets as he explains in this episode what his role will be going forward and why the old one-property entrepreneur model of Strip ownership is, for the most part, dead. Other topics on the agenda: CityCenter, Prive, the Palms and his memorabilia stash.

David McKee of the Las Vegas Advisor fills in for Vegas, bantering about Macau perils, CityCenter data, Matt Goss branding, surprising Strip charges and much more.


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News of Prive’s closing, the big travel convention that’s coming and Philly Inq’s casino


atdnext said...

I'm listening now... Let's see how this is.

atdnext said...

I listened to the Robert Earl interview yesterday, and it was something else... And I have to agree with Mr. McKee that it was odd to hear Earl sing the praises of Harrah's after they (to a certain extent, rightfully so) trashed his tenure at PHo. It was just weird!

On one hand, I feel a litle sorry for Robert Earl, since he bought PHo at the worst possible time and still made a great effort to redo it. But OTOH, it still seems like he doesn't want to take responsibility for the Prive fiasco, the Miracle Mile meltdown, and letting PHo become such a hot mess that it was ripe for Harrah's picking.

Another amazing interview, thanks to Mr. Friesster.

Jeff in OKC said...

Take away the accent. Just use the word choices and speech patterns, and Mr. Earl reminds me of Steve Wynn. If I just read a transcript I would have trouble telling the difference (taking out specific names and circumstances, of course).