Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BREAKING: Human Nature Gets 2 More Years

The good news: Human Nature, the Aussie group that does the wonderful Motown tribute show at the Imperial Palace and has been the Strip's rare breakthrough hit of the Great Recession, is getting two more years. A formal announcement is coming late Tuesday at the IP at which the guys will appear for a photo op with benefactor Smokey Robinson. Congrats!

The bad news: They're renaming the 653-seat showroom where they play as the Human Nature Theater.

OK, this is only bad news for me as I just through being taken to the woodshed by the population of lovesick middle-aged British women and gay men who make up Matt "Gossy" Goss' most dedicated fan base over my assault on the notion that someone like Goss has done anything to earn having a room named for him. That column, of course, compared his Robin Antin-engineered marketing and attitude unfavorably to the modest, harder-working guys from Down Under.

Ah, but I'm consistent! As much as I admire Human Nature, I'm not convinced they've earned in one year something that neither Frank Sinatra nor Liberace nor Elvis Presley ever had. A classier move: Brand it the Smokey Robinson Theater. He's earned it and he's connected to this act in a serious way. But they don't ask me, of course.

Even if I think giving Human Nature this honor is premature, however, they at least have done something Matt Goss hasn't done to deserve it: They became a bona fide Vegas success first.