Sunday, May 16, 2010

R-J Publisher Has Prostate Cancer

At the end of his weekly Sunday column today, longtime Review-Journal Publisher Sherman Frederick announced that he has prostate cancer and will be having surgery this summer. In his words:

Because you're good enough to read this column when it comes to your home, as you are doing now, I thought I should use a small amount of newsprint to tell you that my prostate and I plan to part ways this summer.

After a few years of the obligatory tests most men go through, then a recent biopsy, doctors told me I have cancer, and surgery is the proper course of action.

So, early this summer, my prostate will go one way, and I'll go the other. With a little luck, the cancer will go with it, not me. I wanted you to know.

Cancer's always a pretty terrifying and personal event, so bravo to Sherm for being public about his and hopefully he will continue to share. I would especially be interested to hear Sherm's take down the line about the controversy that has swirled in recent years over whether such regular prostate check-ups are necessary or if prostate cancer even ought to be treated.

Regardless, here's to a safe procedure, a comfortable recuperation and a speedy return to normal.


atdnext said...

Good luck to Shermie and I hope he beats this prostate cancer. I really do. Whatever my problems are with The R-J, I wish nothing but good things on the people who work there.