Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Election Day in Nevada

It's primary election day in Nevada, which should get interesting. In the past 12 hours, I've penned two new pieces for AOL News on the Senate race:

* Tea Partiers Swap Nasty E-Mails in Nev. Senate Race: An inside look at some pretty torrid emails exchanged by Tea Party activists aimed at one another in the waning days of the race.

* Nevada Senate Race: Obama vs. Tea Party?: A look beyond today to note that Nevada will be unique this year as a state in which a tea party candidate -- and all three leaders will claim the mantle but especially Sharron Angle -- takes on a Democratic incumbent who can't run away from Obama. In Nevada, we learn for sure whether the Tea Party creed is mainstream or not. Telling quote from Tea Party Nation chairman Judson Phillips: If Sen. Harry Reid wins in November, "there will be perception that the tea party movement has run its course and its power is fading."

Beyond the Senate race, which is the only one AOL News cares about, we're likely to see the first Nevada governor ever to be bounced from office in his party's primary and if Mark Manendo beats Grandmother Kathy McClain in that State Senate race it could be the first sign of some political muscle in the Vegas gay community. While some have said my coverage of the gay-baiting in that race was inappropriate, I got indirect acknowledgment that I wasn't crazy from Las Vegas CityLife editor Steve Sebelius in this week's print column.

Right now, I'm heading down for a nap -- I was up at 4 a.m. to write that second AOL piece and my LVW column -- but I'll be Tweeting from the Republican Party's party at The Orleans later tonight. Should be fun.

Before I go, though, I leave you with this amusing little TV ad by a carpetbagging candidate who never had any relevancy other than his checkbook and who will be gone from the state by sun-up tomorrow. Not sure when Sue Lowden started sounding like Dina Titus, but it's clever anyway:


Rob Schlegel said...

“As much as I like Kathy McClain, Gary Gray's campaign style convinced me to cast my vote last Thursday for Mark Manendo. This is a late entry on Steve's blog but thought I would go on the record prior to tonight's vote tally.” – Rob Schlegel, June 8, 2010.

Years ago, Gary Gray allegedly told his clients that the LGBT press was ineffective, primarily because LGBT people don’t vote. I honestly fear he used to be correct and can only hope we’ve collectively improved over the past 8 or 10 years since I heard his remarks third hand.

When I contacted Gary Gray last month about his gay-baiting remarks, it was early on in the discussion and I had honestly forgotten about the Marshall/VanderPal incident. His explanation made sense at that moment until others, like you, dug a bit deeper.

This is just a “thanks” for your hard work. I’ll try to make a point of reading your blog more often.