Thursday, June 3, 2010

LVW col: How To Kill Your Vegas Career

Here's this week's LVW col., the follow-up to this weekend's stunning interview with comic Paul Rodriguez from the podcast, which you can hear here. Enjoy. -sf

His own worst enemy
Comedian Paul Rodriguez talks smack
about the Trop and his own show,
but it’s no joke



A comic’s big mouth is his most significant attribute. No comedian makes much of a splash in the culture without seeing things in a different, hopefully funnier, light than the rest of us. Sometimes that means being outrageous or offensive, which audiences understand. Every so often, though, that willingness to call it as they see it, that reflexive instinct toward truth, can become treacherously self-defeating.

Exhibit A: Paul Rodriguez.

It is hard to imagine how the funnyman can have much of a future as a Vegas resident headliner after what he said last weekend on my podcast. You might think I’m overstating it, but I’ve spent the days since that interview chatting with entertainment directors and publicists up and down the Boulevard. The guy could be in serious trouble.

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