Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Babe-Shaped Hole in Robin's Badd Tale

On his blog and Twitter feed this weekend, Robin Leach has reported the following:

* Brad Garrett has a stalker
* Brad Garrett is very upset about his stalker
* Brad Garrett's stalker is someone who Tweets at @BaddGarrett

He's so sure of it, he's called the Tweeter all sorts of awful names and wished jail and worse on the poor soul who has been doing an obvious and loving parody feed of the "Everybody Loves Raymond" actor.

Leach's stated timeline is already perplexing. Robin spoke to the comic yesterday, at which time he was, according to Robin's own Tweets, the first to show Garrett the Tweets in the @BaddGarrett feed. In that same discussion, Garrett told him:

“Two days ago, I triggered the legal machinery to really go after this person. He’s even called ticket brokers about my new Comedy Club shows at the Tropicana. He’s sent out dozens of fake Twitter messages pretending to be me and saying things I’d never say. But he’s fooling everybody into thinking it’s really me.”

Beyond Garrett's ability to travel back in time two days and get cops to probe something he didn't know about until yesterday -- totally cool, man! -- there's something else that blows Leach's harrumphing way out of the water.

The Tweeter behind @BaddGarrett EXCLUSIVELY!!! told me today... she's a she.

A woman.

That makes it really, really hard to be the same person who Garrett called a "he" several times in the Leach interview and who the comedian claims has "called ticket brokers about my new Comedy Club shows at the Tropicana."

Have any of you heard Garrett? He sounds a heckuva lot more like Harvey Fierstein than Margaret Ray. That's a really tough voice for a lady to even attempt, no?

At the very least, Leach must admit we may be talking about two different people. Garrett may have a stalking problem, but the real-world things that Garrett says are happening can't quite be coming from this Tweeter.

Sorry, old chap.

P.S. Looks like Robin's got a "stalker" of his own now. Ut-oh.