Friday, July 16, 2010

This week's LVW: Calling BS on Global Cash

Sorry, sorry, sorry for being a lousy blogger this week. Some weeks, I just don't feel it. I'll be back on track today and in coming days, I swear. In the meantime, here's this week's Las Vegas Weekly piece:

Cash is still king
Calling BS on Global Cash’s “cashless gaming” proposal


Many are the mornings I’ve busted out laughing while rolling through my morning newspaper. Usually, I’m amused reading about an allegedly God-fearing senatorial candidate who doesn’t see the sin in misrepresenting her own well-documented views. That Wednesday column in which readers ask one another where to buy, say, anise-flavored peanut butter is always good for a smile, too. And Argyle Sweater usually cracks me up.

Where I rarely get a good kick in the pants is in the business section. In fact, given the way things have been going lately, those headlines are why I save the comics for last.

But boy, I nearly busted a gut reading remarks from folks representing Global Cash, a company that owns and operates ATM machines inside casinos. They want the Nevada Gaming Commission later this month to let them dispense not just cash but ticket-in, ticket-out vouchers ready to use in slot machines.

“As we move toward the cashless gaming process, you will have less people handling cash,” reasoned Global Cash Chief Executive Officer Scott Betts to the Review-Journal. “This reduces the opportunity for theft or fraud.”

Why, that’s hilarious! The ATM dude is all about you!

He’s kidding, right? Well, no.

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Charles in Richmond, VA said...

What it means is that Global Cash won't have to pay their own people or contract people to go fill the ATM's with cash. They will have the ability to print their own money that you can only use in the casino. They become an electronic transfere agent between the customers bank account and the casino, getting a service charge coming and going.