Thursday, September 23, 2010

How Many Lies Can Fit In One Email?

My sister flew in last night from Phoenix for a business thing at the Tropicana. She initially booked a room at the Trop online before I got to tell her she could stay with us. It was prepaid through a website called

A week before her Vegas arrival, though, my sister received an email from the Skoosh people. And this is what it said:

I'm very sorry to inform you that the Tropicana Hotel has just let us know that due to an unavoidable overbooking situation they are unfortunately no longer able to honour your reservation.

In the rare case of a hotel overbooking, it is the hotel's responsibility to offer a suitable alternative of at least the same standard. Your reservation has been re-located to the Sahara Hotel and Casino, a 4 star hotel also located on Las Vegas Boulevard, not far from the Tropicana.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and short notice, but please let me know at your earliest convenience if you wish to accept this relocation or alternatively, cancel your reservation and receive a full refund.

Best regards,
Siri Loof
Skoosh Reservations

So, a few things:

* The Tropicana was not sold out last night.
* The Tropicana is not "not far" from the Sahara.
* The Tropicana would not insult itself by suggesting the Sahara is on its caliber.
* Neither the Tropicana nor the Sahara are anyone's idea of a "4 star" hotel.
* Siri Loof is a funny name.
* Skoosh.Com is a scam.
* No Strip properties should be doing business with Skoosh.Com.

Did I miss anything?

P.S. My sister has asked for her money back and stayed here. She has yet to receive her credit.


jptm said...

Not only is Siri Loof a 'funny' name, but if you Google it this post is already ranked 7th--the others above are for a band called Siri Loof... which, spelled backwards is 'fool iris'...? I don't buy it for a minute that this is a genuine name of someone working at the website. Once again, nice work showing things for what they're worth.

Las Vegas Mama said...

The Sahara... shudder! That is some serious gall, saying it is a 4 star hotel!

Michael (@jinxclev) said...

Very nice breakdown, while the Sahara may or may not have it's positive points, although much more so prior to current ownership, I'm in complete agreement, it's not in the same class as the Trop after the remodel. (although before the remodel the Sahara was probably better). Anyway, I'd have to say it definitely smells like a scam.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys ,

Siri loof is a Swedish name....I'm taking a wild guess that none of you could point to Sweden on a map?

How do I know this ? Well I guess it is because I live with the person you are taking the piss out of. My name is Laurance Bridge which spelt backwards is obv this is also a scam.

Taking a wild guess that you are all Americans ? It's the only way I could fathom such ignorance and stupidity.

P.S my views do not represent anyone from skoosh... if you need verification of this then look me up in Brighton...




hey Laurance! That's cool! Please ask Siri how she and her company justify claiming that the Trop was sold out that night or that the Trop and Sahara are (a) 4-star accommodations and (b) near one another.

And while she's at it, ask her why her site says that the Planet Hollywood is 9.18 miles from the roller coaster at New York-New York when it's across the street. Thanks!