Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Sun Valley Mag Profile of Parry Thomas

You might recall I was up in Sun Valley this past June for an interview with Parry Thomas, the legendary Vegas banker, Steve Wynn mentor and father of Wynn design guru Roger Thomas. At long last, the piece is out in Sun Valley Magazine.

The magazine's website offers it two ways, as a two-part web readout and in the actual magazine configuration. If you'd like to see it in its native format, pictures and all, click on the Digital Edition link along the right side of the home page. (This won't work when the Winter 2011 edition is no longer current, future readers.) It's pages 82-85 and then page 106. My bio is on page 20.

This is also the trip that gave rise to my Las Vegas Weekly columns about why Vegas leaders heart Sun Valley and Thomas' remedies for Vegas . I also posted a blog pictorial in June showing his home and stable, some Sun Valley vistas and Steve Wynn's $250,000 parking space.


Jeff in OKC said...

So, can we get some audio now? I was wondering why I am bugging you for audio and realized that I don't recall ever hearing audio or seeing video of Mr. Thomas. Still photos and print only, of the "Quiet Kingmaker". Shame.